Canadian Union of Professional Hypnotherapists

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Requirements For Training Institution Certification:



An approved school will submit any and all:



  • training manuals
  • course outlines
  • tests
  • sample certificates
  • copy of main text book used, or list of all course texts
  • school information, listing years in operation, instructors, location, any other relevant operation.
  • Trainers resumes, listing qualifications, any registrations, and professional memberships.
  • any other information which would be helpful in describing the instruction your institution offers.

Member schools will maintain complete autonomy of their institutions, instructors and curriculum; however, if you are chosen to be an Approved Hypnosis School all ethical standards of the Canadian Union of Professional Hypnotherapists must be met and adhered to at all times while a member in good standing. Failure of any and all members to maintain ethical standards will result in the member institution being removed from the membership without compensation or refund of dues.

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