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Canadian Union of Professional Hypnotherapists

Accredited Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Psychotherapy Training 


The college has a high standard, acedemic level of training in the field of Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Psychotherapy Training. As a non- profit institution our goal for our candidates is that they receive  the necessary education to practice serving the community as Hypnotherapists health professionals.

Hypnotherapist: Initial License Requirements;

  • Submit an application & pay the required license fee;
  • Possess a good moral and professional reputation;
  • Be physically and mentally fit to practice hypnotherapy;
  • Graduate from a hypnotherapy college that is accredited by the Council or another such accrediting agency recognized by the federal government; or graduate from a foreign country hypnotherapy college that possesses equivalent qualifications; and
  • Successfully complete the Canadian Council of Psychotherapeutic Examiners (CCPE) examinations.
  • Our students are pre-accredited  by  the AMECC, ANCB, CCPE, CUPHT and the NMCC after successfully graduation.


Collège de Psychothérapie du Québec à Montréal (CPQM)

To enrol or for further information or enrolment forms; 



CCPEX: Canadian Council of Psychotherapeutic Examiners

Alternative Medicine Examiners Council of Canada

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